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You Should Eat This 1 Minute PRE-Workout Meal

A quick preworkout meal ideal for bulking can be as easy as a five salted rice cakes with each 10 grams of raw honey and one salted rice cake with 10 grams of salted grass-fed butter.

You also want a whey isolate shake with 2 scoops mixed with water on the side to get 40 grams of protein to max. stimulate muscle protein synthesis to grow and hydrate before working out.

(If you are a small muscle mommy or skinny boy, you really don't need to eat six rice cakes, and 30 grams of protein would probably already be sufficient enough for you. If you are a big ass dude or a very tall girl with a mewtwo-shape, maybe you even want to eat more than six rice cakes with honey, protein really doesn't need to go any higher than 40. It has no additional benefit to do so and eat more protein preworkout. Consuming 60+ grams can actually make you feel really, really full and that would be uncomfortable.)

*Consume this meal 1 hour (or 1.5) before your workout.

Why one rice cake with some grass-fed butter? Because a little bit of fat makes the carbohydrates steadily available throughout the workout. So you will have stable energy levels. Do not overdo it with fat. Just a tiny bit, 10 grams on one rice cake does the job well. Can also swap the butter with 100% very smooth peanut butter.

Why honey? Well, rice cakes are a great starchy carb source that delivers the sugar glucose to your body. Honey also contains the sugar glucose, but is also high in the sugar fructose. If you eat a very high carb meal, it is better to not get all your carbs from starchy sources. Getting like ~70% from glucose and ~30% from fructose, is better. Combining these two sugars will make sure that you can keep your workout intensity high until the very end of your training.

By eating such meal preworkout with few grams of fat, 40 grams of easy digestible protein, glucose AND some fructose you are pushing amino acids to boost anabolism and two different sugars steadily into your bloodstream.

Nerdy stuff: Glucose and fructose are absorbed by different intestinal transport proteins and metabolized differently. Combining the two allows high energy delivery at one eating occasion without the risk of an insane blood sugar spike, because fructose doesn’t raise blood sugar as fast as glucose, because it has to be processed first to be available as energy source. Fructose is more like a sustained-release type of carb. If you eat way more than 60 grams of carbs preworkout, like 90 grams of carbs, and get the entire amount of carbs from starches, you are way better off lowering the amount of starches and adding in some high fructose fruits like mango and/or use some raw honey.

Big blood sugar spikes preworkout due to massive amount of fast digesting carbs that are broken down to glucose can induce transient hypoglycemia at the start of your workout and this can negatively affect exercise performance. You can feel weak and dizzy, because of it.

So if you eat high carb pre-workout, like most bodybuilders do to enhance gym performance, you should not get all carbs preworkout from starches. But you also shouldn’t go crazy with fructose sources, especially if you are not used to it. Copious amounts of fructose preworkout is a bad idea and could lead to digestive issues like bloating. Fructose is a FODMAP, if you take in too much for your body to process and it stays in the colon for a while, gut bacteria can start fermenting it.

The human body is a wonderful thing and it is very adaptable. You can actually train your gut by eating the same meal over and over again before your workout. Your intestinal tract upregulates the transporter proteins needed to absorb the nutrients that your meal contains. It is possible that a certain preworkout meal can feel a little uncomfortable the first few times, but after a while it isn’t anymore. If you keep increasing your preworkout carb intake during your bulk, it probably will stay uncomforable to a certain degree.

Try this meal out & let me know if it works for you!

Thanks for reading. Share the link with your friends, so they can grow big biceps and glutes too.

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