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Must Read! If You Do Party Drugs...

Let’s be honest, if you went to a festival this weekend the odds that you took something “extra” to have an even better experience is very high. I think it is pretty normal nowadays to use some substances to have an awesome day with your friends every once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I am talking about using, not misusing or abusing. There is a time and place for most drugs and there are almost always things you can do to mitigate the negative side effects. By knowing what drugs you are going to put into your body beforehand, you can increase the safety of it by taking some appropriate precautions.

But this blog isn’t about educating you on drugs. In this blogpost I am going to explain what foods you should eat the days after, to speed up the recovery process after using party drugs and fix your brain chemistry as soon as possible in order to minimize the negative effect these drugs have on your muscle gains, longevity, mood and sports performance.

I often receive the question: “What should I eat the day after the festival?”

You should try to get back on your normal diet as soon as possible. But there are some foods & drinks that can provide some benefit after partying harder than last time.

A lot of people find it hard to eat anything at all the day after, so I will take that into account with my advice.

What to eat & drink?

1. Water and electrolytes (sodium, potassium)

a. Drink a lot of water, isotonic sport drinks, coconut water

b. Make a soup from fresh vegetables (pureed/easy to blender soups)

c. Eat mashed potatoes for potassium

d. Eat bananas for potassium

e. Add salt to your meals

2. Antioxidant rich foods

a. Blueberries

b. Dark chocolate

c. Green tea

d. Garlic

3. Fruits and vegetables

a. Eat as many different colors as possible, the entire rainbow

4. Tryptophan & tyrosine rich foods (High protein foods often contain a lot)

a. Some examples: Parmesan cheese; Mozzarella; Tofu; Edamame; Turkey; Chicken; Eggs; Peanut butter; Cottage cheese; Sesame seeds; Pumpkin seeds; Chia seeds; Pistachios; Cashews; Almonds; Pork chops; Salmon; etc.

5. Omega-3 rich foods

a. Salmon

b. Cod liver

c. Mackerel

d. Dutch herring

6. Omega-9 rich foods

a. Avocado

b. Extra virgin olive oil

7. Probiotic foods

a. Sauerkraut

b. Kefir

c. Kombucha

d. Tempeh

e. Yoghurt

8. Sleep aids

a. Chamomile tea

b. Kiwi's

Example menu:

After waking up hydrate: 1 L coconut water

Breakfast examples:

- Pancakes made with oats, banana and whey, with added blueberries and cacao nibs.

- Yoghurt with fruits

- Wholegrain bread with peanut butter

Drinking: isotonic sports drink

Snack example: Salted pistachios with 1 glass kefir

Lunch examples:

- Fresh vegetable soup with tofu

- Wholegrain bread with turkey, avocado and cottage cheese

- Eggs with vegetables

Drinking: green tea

Snack example: Banana with one glass of kombucha

Dinner examples:

- Pasta with ground chicken, tomato sauce, garlic and parmesan cheese

- Whole grain wrap pizza with tomato sauce, vegetables and mozzarella

- Salmon filet, vegetables and mashed potatoes

Drinking: chamomile tea

Pre-bed meal examples:

- Cream of wheat (or Brinta in the Netherlands) with milk, whey and blueberries

- Rice cakes with almond butter, 2 kiwi's

- Vegetable salad with paneer

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