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Magic Drink For Better Recovery

Apigenin is widely used to improve mental health and sleep. It is great for recovery!

Apigenin is a nutrient that induces muscle relaxation and reduces anxiety. At high doses, it is sedative. It is also active as an antioxidant, it is anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Apigenin can reduce insomnia, or the chronic inability to sleep.

Apigenin is also a very potent anti-cancer compound. It beneficially protects against a wide variety of cancers with high selectivity for cancer cells as opposed to non-cancerous cells.

Apigenin exerts anti-diabetic effects in the body by potentiating the GLUT4 response to insulin. So it increases insulin sensitivity. That is very useful, because when you are more insulin sensitive more calories and carbs are going to the muscles. Less calories and carbs are stored as fat.

Apigenin is very abundant in chamomile tea. Apigenin is unstable by itself yet stable when consumed via chamomile tea.

After a workout, you want your muscles, mind and body to relax and experience the least amount of stress, to promote healing and fasten recovery. Sleep is also very important for optimal body composition. If your sleep is off, muscle recovery decreases, muscle breakdown increases. Also the likely hood of bad food choices is higher so kcal intake will be higher. With sleep deprivation these extra calories surely aren’t pushed to muscles but rather contribute to fat accumulation.

Drinking chamomile tea after an intense workout and half an hour before bedtime will provide many benefits. When done consistently it can eventually result in more muscle growth.

You can make your chamomile tea extra strong by using more than one tea bag and steep it for longer. If you use a lot of tea bags at once, you can create an apigenin shot. Pure gains.

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