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Bodybuilding Secret! Add Size Quick.

If someone is cutting down fat, I always recommend to eat a lot of low-kcal dense foods, like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. These fruits contain a lot of water and fiber and that increases the satiety of your meal. I want all my clients to eat either fruit and/or vegetables at every meal. Why? Because it makes dieting down so damn easy. Besides that these foods provide a lot of micronutrients, like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

What if someone is “bulking” and trying to put on some size. Do I still recommend fruits and/or vegetables at every meal? Yes. First of all add more high kcal fruits and vegetables, like banana and avocado.

Eventually, when you are having trouble eating the necessary amount of calories, you can add more dried fruit into your diet and eat less fresh fruits. Why? Dried fruit is very calorie dense. Dried fruit also contains a lot of useful micronutrients and fiber.

Stock up on dried abricots, dried cranberries, dried dates, raisins, etc. Buy them ALLLLLL.

If you eat 100 gram of dried fruit versus 100 gram of fresh fruit, the dried fruit contains probably +/- four times more calories compared to the fresh fruit. Lowering fresh fruit intake and adding more dried alternatives into your diet is an easy way to increase your calorie intake.

People often complain about not being able to gain any more size after months of bulking, because they’ve hit a plateau. The only way to keep the gaintrain going is by slowly increasing calories, optimize recovery and progressing properly in the gym. It is not about eating more food, it is about eating more calories. By switching to more caloric dense foods you don’t have to push unmanageable food volumes.

By adding dried fruits to your diet you get in a shitload of beneficial nutrients, without killing off your appetite completely. If you have trouble with gaining weight, do something with this information.

Dried fruits FTW

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