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4 Top Secret Bulking Tips

Hello there KINGS & QUEENS, MUSCLE MOMMY's & DADDY's. It is GROWSEASON & we are MASSING like crazy. Time to slowly up the kcals. But... eventually there comes a point where your appetite will tell you, NO MORE FOOD. You get to that point faster, if you make the wrong dietary choices. You really need to get in enough calories to stimulate recovery, performance & growth. Every single day. Week in, week out. Month in, month out. Year in, year out. You get the point.

During your gain phase you definitely don’t want to be stuffed and bloated the entire day. Being nauseous from all the food you are pushing will actually negatively affect your gym performance and quality of life. You want to add foods that speed up protein digestion and prioritize nutrient & kcal dense foods that are very easy to digest.

1. When cutting, it is a smart move to eat a lot of chicken breast and steak. When bulking, you can better opt for ground chicken and ground beef. Why? Because it is already mechanically broken down, it goes down easier, less chewing required and less filling. It is also a smart move to add some fish into your bulking diet. Fish has less connective tissue than meat, it also requires less chewing and because of that it goes down faster than meat.

2. Ginger contains a nutrient called zingibain, that is a protease (enzyme that aids in protein digestion). A protease is an enzyme that catalyzes (increases reaction rate or "speeds up") proteolysis, breaking down proteins into smaller polypeptides or single amino acids. Zingibain is very effective at increasing the breakdown rate of connective tissue proteins. It might be beneficial to make your own fresh ginger shots and drink one before your beef and chicken meals. You just need a blender. On YouTube you can find plenty of video’s explaining how to do it. Hopefully you are competent enough to do some research yourself on the internet. You can also simply add some grated ginger to your meal if you can appreciate the taste of it.

3. Kiwi contains acticidin, also a protease. This one is very effective at increasing the rate of myofibril protein breakdown. Myofibrils are muscle cells. So drinking a kiwi smoothie while eating your meat might be a good idea. Smoothies are also a great way to increase kcal intake, because it is liquid. You can also eat the kiwi, but it is more filling. We are massing, trying to put on slabs of lean contractile tissue to move heavy ass weights in the gym and look good naked. So decreasing appetite is not the way to go.

4. Pineapple contains bromelaïn (protease). You probably already know that I eat a shitload of pineapple. To be more precise, I eat one entire pineapple a day. So 365 a year. Yes, I like it. I almost eat some pineapple with every meal. Eggs & pineapple. Beef & pineapple. Salmon & pineapple. Cottage cheese & pineapple. Pineapple is just amazing, because it can help you digest protein-rich foods better and tastes great. If you ask a quality chef how to tenderize meat, they will say “marinade it with pineapple juice”, so the master chefs know that pineapple can pre-digest the proteins in the meat. I have to solely bring this pineapple trend to the fitness industry. I am the chosen one. To stimulate the male fitness community, I often joke about the rumor that pineapple can improve semen taste, make it sweeter and less bitter. If this rumor is true, it wouldn’t only be beneficial for the male bodybuilder but also his sexual partner. She will come back for another cardio session (yes, do some cardio year round also when bulking). Great motivator to eat pineapples, if you ask me.

Go to the local supermarket and stock up on ginger, kiwi & pineapples.

Some bodybuilders struggle with eating enough calories in the off-season. Especially enhanced bodybuilder that use or abuse PEDs, some orals can really destroy appetite, useful for starving pre-contest, but not when bulking. Start with really prioritizing kcal dense foods to go down easy and use these natural protease-containing-foods to your advantage.

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